December 17, 2012
DIRC newsletter is the first pharma news letter to get a membership of International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB).

The first issue of the bulletin was released in October 1999. The eight-page bulletin carries information on the activities of Drug Information & Rational Use of Drugs, commonly asked enquiries and invited articles from experts inthe medical field. The bulletin is designed for local use within the pharmacy and medical community. One page of the bulletin is dedicated for Kannada article.


Prof. Dr. P.K. Lakshmi, Former Director, DIC, KSPC

  • A ‘ready-reckoner’ to the pharmacist, doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • A typical compilation of brief, apt, unbiased and authentic information.
  • Provides patient counseling information on about 1028 drug molecules
  • It covers clinical applications, cautionary instructions, dosage in relation, side effects and contraindicated drugs.
  • Targeted for pharmacists mainly to enhance the relationship between the patients and the pharmacists by

Prof. Dr. P.K. Lakshmi, Former Director, DIC, KSPC

  • An ideal ready reckoner to the pediatricians, pharmacist, students and healthcare professionals.
  • Provides information on 564 drug molecules.
  • A very handy book for the pediatricians, clinical pharmacists, interns and other specialty doctors.
  • To know safety and effectiveness of drugs in Pediatric population.
  • Provides dosage, dose adjustments of drugs in elderly (Geriatric population).

Prof. Dr. P.K. Lakshmi, Former Director, DIC, KSPC

  • very handy book for the gynecologist, pharmacist, students and professionals.
  • Provides information on 555 drug molecules.
  • To refer before using any drug during pregnancy and breast-feeding

Sri. P. S. Bhagavan, Registrar, Karnataka State Pharmacy Council

  • Tobacco and tobacco smoking has been comprehensively well addressed in simple language that glides the reader from the origin of tobacco to the need to quit smoking.
  • It motivates the smoker to quit smoking and turns the ex-smoker or a non-smoker into a counselor.
  • A must for every one to read and a good gift to a smoker.

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