The Karnataka State Pharmacy Council is a statutory body constituted under an Act of Indian parliament called Pharmacy Act 1948 (Act No 8 of 1948), -- Rules & Regulation.

The main objective of Karnataka State Pharmacy Council is to regulate the professional practice to ensure only qualified registered Pharmacist would enter the profession to provide service to the patient.

The prime responsibility of the Karnataka State Pharmacy Council is to grant registration to the eligible pharmacists and issue Registration certificate to the persons possessing requisite prescribed qualification as per the provisions of section 32(2) of the Pharmacy Act and to enforce the necessary provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948.

The State Pharmacy Council are constituted by every state for the purpose envisaged in the Act and the each State frame its own Rules to govern the system without any prejudice to the Central Act.

The Karnataka State Pharmacy Council, Bangalore is unique in its activity and has been ahead with the time pace of technology

Digitalization of KSPC Services:

  • Started Mobile App ‘KSPCDIC’ - January 2018 (Download from Google Play store OR )
  • Issuing Technology Enabled (Micro Chip & Bar code) with Registration Certificate - January 2017.
  • Issuing UV and QR enabled Identity Cards to all Registered Pharmacists - January 2017.
  • Started Online Registration for all the applications (fresh, transfer, additional, duplicate, change of name, good standing certificate, endorsement to foreign nationals) – January 2017.
  • Started ‘On-Line Renewal of Registration’ - January 2013

Other Services

  • Organized ‘Inter-country Workshop on National Drug Information Services’ for SARC countries under the sponsorship of WHO, India. (vide letter No.D7/48-23, SE/07/905252 & SE/07/015288 dated 01st May 2007).
  • ‘Set up 5 Drug Information Centers’ under WHO, India. (vide WHO letter No.WR/IND EDM 001/G SE/06/228423 dated 10th August 2006).
  • Consultant to the Health & FW Department, Govt. of Karnataka. (vide letter No. DLWP/5/2003-04 dated 25th August 2003).
  • Launched ‘Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Program’ for the pharmacist to update their knowledge and skill.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops and training programs to the pharmacists, healthcare professionals including doctors.
  • Launched public awareness program on pharmacare and medication discipline through LED scrolling board to convey TIPS to the lay public on better Domestic Drugs Management.

Drug Information & Research Center (DIRC)

The Council started independent Drug Information Center in August 1997 and is providing unbiased drug information to healthcare professionals including Students and professional pharmacists and the medical practitioners.

  • Registered with International Registry of Drug Information Service (IRDIS).
  • Publishing DIRC Newsletter quarterly from October 1999.

The highlight of this service is that even the lay public too has been seeking information on various aspects of medication and to sort out their doubts and confusion. The DIRC is communicating the vital information on medicines through sms and through email to the Registered Pharmacists. This drug information service is provided free of cost to the doctors, pharmacists, students and public.


  • Hand Book of PharmaSOS – 7th Edn.,
  • Drugs Usage in Special Population - Pregnancy & Lactation – 6th Edn.,
  • Drugs Usage in Special Population - Paediatrics & Geriatrics – 6th Edn.,
  • Tobacco Free Future-Choice is Yours – 4th Edn.,
  • 2 You from My Desk – 2nd Edn.,

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