1) Affidavit for Duplicate Certificate

2) Affidavit - Those who have failed to register within one year of their diploma/degree

3) Change of Nominee

4) Duplicate Karnataka Pharmacy Council Registered Pharmacist Welfare Trust (KPCRPWT) Certificate

5) Replacement of damaged certificate

6) Affidavit for Unemployed Registered Pharmacist

7) Indemnity bond for Death claim by the Legal Heirs of the Registered Pharmacists in case Registered Pharmacists and Nominee has Expired

8) Affidavit - Pharmacy Ethics

9) GAP Affidavit

10) Affidavit for Good Standing Certificate

11) Death Claim benefit when Enrollment Certificate is lost

12) Affidavit - Those who practice profession of pharmacy OR do higher qualification in abroad

13) Affidavit for Exemption of Yearly Renewal for Registered Pharmacist those who are above 70 years

14) Death Claim benefit when KSPC Certificate is lost