General Instructions


Update your 'Personal Information' & 'Professional Status' using KSPC-F Data Updation Form.

Application Forms Application Forms Form Code General Instructions
1 KSPC-A and KPCRPWT-A: Application form for Fresh Registration and KPCRPWT KSPC A & KPCRPWT-A
2 KSPC-A1 - Endorsement for Foreign Nationals not eligible for registration KSPC A1
3 KSPC-B and KPCRPWT-A: Application form for Re-Registration (Transfer to KSPC) and KPCRPWT KSPC B & KPCRPWT-A
4 KSPC-C: Duplicate Registration Certificate KSPC C
5 KSPC-D: Application form for Additional Qualification KSPC D
6 KSPC-E: Application form for Renewal of Registration of Pharmacist KSPC E
7 KSPC-F: Profile Updation Form KSPC F
8 KSPC-G: Good Standing Certificate KSPC G
9 KSPC-H: Identity Card KSPC H
10 KSPC-I: Change of Registered Pharmacist Name KSPC I
11 KPCRPWT-A: Karnataka Registered Pharmacist Welfare Trustd KPCRPWT-A